Hare Portraits

The Leveret


The young hare has been depicted in a profile in this watercolour study. Its ears are lying backwards, yet not as far as adult hares. It is already cultivating that glassy stare synonymous with its parents.

The three pencil remarques depict it running, crouching and lying in a form in a stubble field.

Each is published as a single edition strictly limited to 300 copies from the original watercolour studies, and printed in light-fast inks. Each is numbered and signed by the artist.

Print Details

Size 270mm x 320mm

Single Mounted Washlined & Framed Price £140
Carriage & Packing (inland only) £20

Unmounted Price £70
Carriage & Packing (inland only) £8

Overseas postage (unframed only) additional £6